• I have found a serious flaw in the software.

    The issue occurs on the console - for example, when changing the group name - upon pressing the caps lock on the screen, the backspace key and the please key on the physical keyboard stop functioning.

    I have now tested it in the onPC version - it appears slightly different - when pressing the caps lock on the screen, the typed letters remain lowercase.

  • my please and backspace has been not w working half of the time the last few sessions. must be this capslock issue. ill try to experiment tonight if i have a minute.

  • +1ing this bug. I'm also seeing weird keyboard behavior, specifically on onPC, where sometimes text input gets "stuck" in a field - for instance, when patching, it will often get stuck in the "name" field, and trying to backspace the patch numbers instead backspaces on the name field.

    Other times "please" stops working for text input, which I see most often when labeling objects. When this happens, the only way to fix it is to restart onPC. I can't confirm the physical console issue, but it's definitely present in onPC. As Krzysztof said, it seems to be limited to backspace and please.

    Craig Rutherford

    Blueshift Design

  • last night i was unable to edit the name of a show while trying to do a save as. it was like shift key was stuck on, so any cursor movement just highlighted text from the beginning. had to restart.

  • I'm on a fullsize this week, and I can confirm strangeness with the keyboard. It's not the same as what Krzysztof reported, and I'm not entirely sure what made it happen in the first place, but at some point in labeling pool objects, [Please] stopped applying to the label dialog box (both the physical key and the on-screen key) and instead started acting on the programmer. I kept hitting it, and then realized all my attributes were highlighting and un-highlighting, as though I was touching and then off-ing them. This is the same behavior that I'm seeing in OnPC, but I'm not sure how to replicate it.

    [edit: I was only able to fix this with a restart]

    Craig Rutherford

    Blueshift Design

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  • I also can confirm weirdness with the keyboard. On a Full-Size and version, and randomly my please buttons and backspaces will stop working. The only way I can fix it is by a full boot down. I workaround also is to click on the note section on a cue labeling window and back into the name and they will work for a second.

  • It does seem to be quite random. Last time it happened I had presence of mind to write down what I could remember doing beforehand, and took a video, but sadly, I tried the same sequence afterward and it didn't happen. So clearly there's some underlying condition that I'm not aware of.

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    Steps I remember, but which did not reproduce:

    Selected fixtures from layout view
    Put them in a color preset
    Altered that color preset
    Saved the information to a new sequence on the bottom row
    Adjusted the size of the exec to be not two columns
    Attempted to label the sequence from the sequence edit window
    Bugginess happened

    [Edit: please excuse the obscene hand gesture, I was very annoyed, as this was the third time this day this had happened.]

    Craig Rutherford

    Blueshift Design

  • Same bug ONPC and XT, somehow pressing the capslock key once or twice corrects the problem.

    Yesterday I also had the same issue with the onscreen keyboard

    EDIT Capslock doesnt seem to fix the problem today..

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