Get BPM from Prioneer Hardware (DJM...) directly (Pioneer BPM Sync) - Maybe via Ableton Sync?

  • Hello Friends.

    Is there a possibility to sync BPM directly / exactly with Pioneer Hardware like the DJM900?

    The final result should be that every Software is synced exactly with the same BPM (like Pangolin Beyond (QS), Madrix, Resolume Arena,...)


    With Madrix 5.6 there will be a new function to set dynamic colortables which can control via dmx. So with next version you can control colors dynamically with RGB fixtures from your Console.

    With Pangolin Beyond it is similar. With the actual Version you can control colors (like QuickFX), via DMX, too. So you can use multiple different colors dynamically, too. (If I am right you need the Advanced verison for controlling via Artnet / DMX.. You have to check yourself. Maybe Essentials might work, too)

    So the last thing is to sync effects between different programs. I am on it, and I am in contact with some of the companies, to realize these great sync (or dynamic color) functions between the most important programs. Then it would be much easier to control and sync multiple systems alone.

    Of course you can always split and control every system stand alone, if you want. It's only an optional feature to control them all togeher if you want to.

    Best regards,


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