• I feel like I'm missing a step. I'm looking to Fan from a block of 2.

    The setup is 6 moving head fixtures on an upstage truss tilted downstage. When I input; Fix 1-6, Xblock of 2, next, then "Align /" the movers move together and not fanning the way I would expect. I see that they are sharing the same grid square, but when I toggle the "Enable value invert for alternate blocks" the fixtures still move together.

    I'm coming from MA2, so this is a part of my old workflow. Am I missing a step? is there a new way to fan fixture blocks?


  • Thank you for the reply.

    I don’t want to fan all 6. I want to fan 1&2 then fan 3&4…. I understand that my workflow has to change, as of now I just call the fixtures and to the fan. But that feels slower because I’m used to doing it the ma2 way.

    The enable values invert works with groups and wings but not blocks.


  • I don't quite understand what you mean by "fan from a block of 2". In your 6 fixture example, do you want 1+3+5 to go one way and 2+4+6 to go the other way? Or 1+2 to go one way, 3+4 to stay, and 5+6 to go the other way? Or something else?

  • Good morning Ryan,

    In the 1-6 example, I would like fix 1 to pan SL and fix 2 to pan SR. Then move to fix 3&4 and do it a bid differently, maybe pan 3 to SR while moving 4 to SL.

    Ty for spending you time with me, I really do appreciate that.

  • try

    xwidth = 2

    to wrap each pair onto a separate row

    use NextY (Set&Next key) to sub-select each pair

    Yes! I had played with that yesterday but I was overcomplicating it. Xwidth = 2, then Y=0 for fix 1&2. Y=1 for Fix 3&4....

    Thank you.

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