Move Fader with Fade plugin

  • Update: Added new formula for BPM calculation in 2.0.

    Hi all,

    Another plugin from my side to move any non-sequence master with a given fade time.

    It is a workaround for the known gMA3 limitation that we can't apply a fade time for fader movement command for speedmasters, groupmasters and other non-sequence masters.

    With this plugin you can execute commands like "page 1.201 at 56 fade 1" or even "master 3.1 at BPM 14 fade 3.2".

    It works in two ways:

    1. You just run the plugin and put the command to the input field of a popup

    2. You can put the command "Plugin 'YB_movefader' 'master 3.1 at bpm 92.3 fade 5.3'" in a macro

    It should also work with several fades simultaneously.

    You can use gMA3 variables for Value and Fade.

    Known limitations:

    You can't stop the fader movement until the fade time is completed, unless you say Off plugin "YB_movefader"

    You must specify the fade time otherwise why are you using this plugin..?

    Feel free to test/use.

    Feedback appreciated.

  • No, it doesn't use Timer().

    I'm using coroutine.yield(0) for every fader position update. One coroutine.yield(0) takes 0.01 second for full cycle. I've measured it on different stations in different conditions. Seems it's quite constant.

    If entered fade doesn't match real fade, it can be adjusted with fadetime_fine_tune variable inside the plugin.

  • Yeah, using yield in this case should give similar results as using Timer.

    With yield, you keep using the same thread.
    With Timer() each callback will be a different thread.

    I can not say which is better in this case.

    With that said, I am sure LUA was NOT intended for this real-time usage.
    And I suggest we keep on pressing on MA to add the real-time features we need as a native implementation.

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