• I'm making a sequence with a bunch of commands, but when I use "()" the command dialog doesn't open like in the following cmd:

    Set MAtricks 201 "xblock" (num of blocks?)

    It works in normal cmd or macros but not in sequence commands so does anyone know if I'm doing something wrong or is this how it should work?

    Thanks in advance.

  • If you look at the system monitor window, you will see an error message saying that this is not allowed/possible.

    sequence playback and cue commands are executed in a thread that cannot interact with the UI ( dialogs), to ensure proper realtime playback without possible delays from the UserInterface

    you will need to either

    a) encapsulate your popup-syntax into a macro so that the sequence merely trigger the macro and move on, and the macro then opens the dialog ( in a non-realtime UI enabled thread.)


    b) encapsulate the syntax as a Lua call, for the same purpose e.g.

    Lua 'CmdIndirect[[Set MAtricks 201 "xblock" (num of blocks?)]]'

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