Position Picker Generator

  • Hi all,

    Another generator - Position Picker Generator.

    Basically the same logic as in my Color Picker, but with some adjustments to work with positions.

    This plugin generates Selective presets and can use only Selective presets as predefined ones.

    A completely new thing - "Smart" Position Preset Generator. It creates position presets in relation to the positions of the fixtures in the 3D world, i.e. if you create presets for upside down and upright fixtures, the presets will be generated in such a way that the UP and DOWN positions will always be up and down for both groups.

    This can be disabled at the top of the main function by setting the smart_positions variable to false.

    Feel free to use/share.

    Feedback appreciated.

  • congratulations excellent plugin works well now but I tried to use it on a show that I currently use for a TV program but once started the loading bar freezes. I don't understand if I'm doing something wrong

  • you have to enter the n of the group you want to use for the position picker... for example group 56 then press please if you want to insert other groups insert the other n if you press please and continue

  • Hey. Thanks Ahuramazda for the plugin. this is my version of the plugin.

    because i only need the presets generator for my file I took only the create presets component, changed it entirely, and made it to my needs.

    1. 3D plot of the stage. even a relatively close accuracy should work because I mainly use relative positions (not relative in the meaning of using relative presets, but relative to the position of the fixtures)

    2. Groups 1 to 5 with Selection grid by the positions- the plugin divides these groups to sub groups by y position in the selection grid. (It also divides the subgroups to the whole subgroup and middle fixtures because e.g in the cross position i want the middle fixtures to point straight)

    3. groups 8000 to 9520 empty because I store there temporarily the subgroups.

    4. presets: "Straight", "Cross Down", "Cross Mid", "Cross High", "Fan", "Fan Up", "Center", "Kahal"(means crowd in hebrew), "FO Left" and "FO Right" is for my horizontal flyout effects

    5.XYZ Enabled for the fixtures: for some reason the XYZ is read-only so i dont know how to change it via LUA

    some explanataions:
    1.my plugin is based on the 3d information and it uses xyz only. after every xyz position i added the command "attribute "tilt" at - 0" so the preset would be stored as a pan\tilt preset.

    Disclaimer: Use at your own risk :)

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