Copy one line from the command line history

  • If you press the up-arrow on your keyboard, this will bring previous commands from your command history back into your command line, which you could then copy.

    But is there a reason you're wanting to do this rather than retaining your own user profile which has your views already created, and use that user profile for all of your shows? Or working from your own Start Show?

  • I don't know how doing this. I'll learn & see that. this morning I didn't have my personal computer, and I would star a new show at work. I though about this way.

    the up arrow works

    thank you

  • Hi there,

    If you are running on windows/Mac, here is how you can do it

    1.Open the terminal app and type sysmon IP address with which you have created the session ( Example Sysmon and it willl connect with your gMA3 session.

    2. Once you are connected to your MA session with the help of terminal then you can copy everything from there and paste it in a notepad and save it as .txt file.

    Hope it is helpful:) else I if i understood your question in different way let me know :)

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