MA3 Fixed Color Wheel Profile Issue

  • Hey All,

    Has anyone else experienced weirdness when trying to create fixed color wheels? I'm working on building a fixture profile for a color scroller fixture with 24 frames. I've successfully created the wheel and assigned color info and labels to all 24 slots. I then added a DMXChannel to the profile, set it's attr to Color1 along with setting it to the appropriate wheel. I've added all of my channel sets and assigned them to their respective slots. Here's where the problems start.

    The "Physical From" and "Physical To" values are auto populated. The issue is they are auto populated as 0 thru 24. Since the wheel has 24 slots, it should be either 0 to 23 or 1 to 24 depending on if it is 0 or 1 based indexing. If I make the numbers right, the color chips don't line up in the fixture sheet. If I make the colors right, the physical values don't line up. Any thoughts? Ideally, I would love to have the ability to set the beginning and ending values of the range for physical values...has anyone figured out a solution to this?



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