• Hi,

    Just updated to 1.9 on my OnPc XT.

    Having a wonderful time trying to get my encoder bar to reappear after editing some things in phaser view.

    It seems that if I select a fixture, it will jump to that fixtures parameters as intended. However if I try and press anything, the whole bar vanishes.

    Any hints to force it to return?

    If I select a phaser it reappears in phaser editor mode (which seemed to have the encoder wheels mapped wrong for some reason, but one issue at a time)

    I can use it to edit phasers, but can't select any other fixtures and edit their parameters

  • What do you see instead of the encoder bar? The playback bar with the executors , or the Xkeys bar?

    If you see anything of these two, you might press U2 or U1 again. Both keys toggle the corresponding bars above the encoder bar.

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