speed master pause

  • When operating my last show, I somehow managed to pause my speedmaster several times during the show. I was able to unpause it and carry on, but looking back at the cmd line / system monitor, I was unable to determine what I had done to pause it in the first place. I have seen this issue in several social media posts. Has anyone been able to track down why this is happening? I'd like to prevent this from recurring on future shows.

  • just happened to me. any way to disable this key other than physically plucking it out? I don't ever see myself having a use for this feature,and its placement on the console feel malicious at best.

    Is there a command to unpause a speedmaster that may or may not be paused? Since it's a toggle, that doesn't seem to work, and Go just stops or starts it.

    If the feature can be disabled entirely that would be ideal. I have no use for it.

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  • yeah i was thinking more of a way to program the unpause into a sequence or macro. but being a toggle it would have to know if it was paused in the first place. probably would have to be a lua solution.

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