• Hi All,

    I wanna make a macro, but dont think that its possible within a macro.

    But what i wanna do:

    Asks; What CueName ?

    Asks: What Command ?

    And that when he asks for What command i can push buttons like Go on my Executor 201, or i can type a command like; Go Macro 201

    I now have a Macro like This:

    Line 1: SetUserVariable "CUEFORCOMMAND" (" What CUE / NAME ? ")

    Line 2: SetUserVariable CMDFORCOMMAND ("What COMMAND ?")


    The problem is because the ("What Command ?") is between 2 quotations you can not press any executor

    button to for example fill in a Go Executor 201.

    But when i remove the quotations the Line 3 is not reading the full string of what i filled in at line 2.

    Can someone help me ?


  • Hey Sven,

    I tried to rewrite your macro and it seems to work and the only thing what I correct is to mention the single quotation when we declare the variable in the third line of your cue and the macro goes this way

    Line: 1 SetUserVariable cueforcommand ("what cue /name")

    Line 2 SetUserVariable cmdforcommand ("What commad?")

    Line 3 Set Cue $cueforcommand Property 'Command' $'cmdforcommand'

    Please let me know If this way helpful and I would love to know your thoughts.


  • Hi

    It's the game with variable :

    Setuservar cmd (what command ?)

    If the answer contains space or keyword, the variable is not defined

    ie : my command >> $cmd = my, as space stops the definition.

    go exec 201 >> $cmd is not valid as Go is a keyword and space stops the definition.

    Setuservar cmd ("what command ?")

    Then the answer is a string (within quotes), the desk doesn't care about what is between quotes.:

    ie: answer = "my command" or "Go Exec 201"

    To recall the variable as a string : $"cmd"

    Set Cue $mycue "Command" $"cmd" will give you the right result.

    To recall the variable to execute Go exec 201 : $cmd

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