• Hello,

    I would like to be able to stomp dimmer on specific fixture and it's not working..


    2 sequence Running on playback

    Sequence 1 : Fader of All my wash at 50 % (Using a recipe: Selection (Group all wash) Values : (Universal preset Full Intensity)

    Sequence 2 : running a recipe dimmer phaser. ( Step 1 : All my Wash at "Full Intensity" Step 2: All my Wash at " Zero Intensity" )

    When i stomp the specific fixture, the fixture goes to my first phaser step (in my case, at "Full Intensity")

    But i would like to have the fixture to go back to 50% (Sequence 1)

    it worked on GMA 2.

    If someone can help me!

    Thanks guys

  • This is not the function of ‘stomp’ in MA3.

    In MA2 Stomp was a value, kind of like *static* if you will.

    In MA3 Stomp is an automated function…mp/en/1.9/Stomp

    So your workflow in your case would be to re-assert the original static preset.

    You could store it as a subsequent cue, tap it twice in the pool, or ON the original sequence. Kind of depends how you want to stop this dynamic effect happening.

  • Thanks guys, but doesn’t work..

    Let say i have a dimmer phaser running on all of my spot. And i want to create a sequence information with only one of my spot focus on the drum, and another sequence with only the dimmer of this fixture. There’s no way to stop the phaser on this single fixture and having control of the intensity on this one ?

  • You can create a sequence (single spot on drummer etc.) with the dimmer set to 100%, assign it to a fader. Sequence settings Auto stomp on, Handle as temp and prio to super. Every time you pull up the Temp fader it stomps the dimmer phaser, pull it down and it should run the phaser again. I am not shure if this works with 50% dimmer preset.

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