Selecting Recipes as "values" in recipes.

  • Hi,

    so it seems that it is currently impossible to use an uncooked recipe as an entry in the values field of another recipe. Is there a setting that changes this?

    Or is there a reason why this feature doesn't exist?

    For example, I have an effect recipe that has some MAtricks and an universal preset as value, but without a selection, so I can apply it to any of my fixture groups.

    This works fine, however if I want to create a sequence using a cue recipe, I cannot use this preset. It does not show in the selector menu, and manually assigning it shows it in the UI, but does not create any output values (unless I messed up somewhere).

    This is quite inconvenient, as I have to create the effect manually using MAtricks and the universal preset inside my cue recipe, if I want to use the cue recipes feature.

    Is there any way to get this workflow to work?

    How are you getting around this limitation?



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