Stages in patch don't make much sense...

  • Not a question as such, just looking for maybe a bit of insight into the logic behind the stage feature in patch.

    To me, it would be useful if it allowed me to have multiple completely seperate patches, allowing for example me to patch 2 lights on different stages to 1.1 - this obviously isn't the case. So I was wondering what other people are using it for at present?


  • I often use it to shift fixtures no longer in use on the show presently so that the actual patch stage is clean and current (think touring).

    I also do a lot of themed entertainment programming and we might separate out different parts of the attraction or precinct on different stages.

  • Late to this party, but we've used stage for different Broadcast studios in one building. They're all controlled from the same "Session" but it's nice to separate the patch (and the 3D space) from the others.

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