Load/Go depending on if sequence is running

  • Hello Forum,

    I would like to use Go when sequence is running and Load when sequence is stopped.

    Is there something useful for this?

    I have a workaround by add both commands in a seperate line in a macro and then in on/off cue's disable/enable the correct line.

    But this is very inconvenient it takes some macro's to manage the correct state.

    I would like to know if anyone has a better idea?


  • When you press the MAkey you can have a different fuction on your executor.

    The command is "set page x.y MAkey" which opens the list of functions

    Thanks for the suggestion but it is not really what I am looking for.

    The command is run inside a macro. So for example I have a bunch of macro's for all different colors.

    When running macro "Red" the sequence should load Cue "Red" of Go "Red" depending on sequence running state.

    Here is a simple plugin for selected sequence.

    Very cool do you think this could also work using Collect instead of the selected sequence?

    So the LUA script would always use the first sequence in the collect list?

    Because when using Collect instead of the selected sequence it won't effect the master faders

  • a non-Lua approach could be to set a variable in cuezero and in offcue, e.g.

    cuezero command: SetGlobalVar load_or_go_color "Go+"

    offcue command: SetGlobalVar load_or_go_color "Load"

    macro command: $load_or_go_color Sequence "Color" Cue "Red"

  • Thanks that works very well and easy to maintain!!

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