GMA3-ONPC + Viz-Key + Capture Se 2022 ... Problems with connection

  • Hi,

    I use GrandMa3 Commandwing + onPC + Capture 2022 in my studio without any propblems.

    Now i have a new GrandMA3 viz-key and want to use it for giving parameters from onPC to Capture on same computer.

    BUT IT IS NOT WORKING. I need Help ...

    • I know i need IP ...
    • i know have to hold the direction
      • 1. plug viz-key,
      • then start capture,
      • then GrandMA3 on pc ....
    • I know i start session.

    In Network setting of GrandMa3 i see some times the capture + vizkey ... but the ip is just written in the Console line. In the Visulizer is no ipadress. But i think there should be the as well. Where in Capture i can put that?

    or someone has another idea?

    Thanks, Yves

    • Official Post

    Please try following, it seems to be the loopback interface is not selected for the viz-key.

    start capture with the connected viz-key (do not start onPC)

    open the grandMA3 terminal application

    type in > "cmdline"

    > "list interface *"

    > "select interface (Loopback)"

    If you list the interfaces the Loopback Nic has a number you can type in here..(Loopback)

    If the Loopback Interface is selected for the viz-key it should work.

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