Workflow Brainstorming...or GDTF.... (Showtec Octostrip MK II)

  • Workflow Brainstorm....Maybe someone has an idea how to solve the following issue. I have Showtec Octostrip MK II. They have a 192channel and a 208 channel mode. There is a controller which control 8 Strips and the DMX setting is controlled over this controller. The 192 channel mode works perfect (each strip use 24 channel...8xRGB) One strip after each other. The 208 channel mode has first 16 Channel with Dimmer and Strobe for each Strip and then followed by 192 channel with RGB. I can't create a GDTF file with a cap of 14 channel , but it makes also no sense to create a GDTF file of the 208 channel mode because the strips would have a fixed position and can't be placed easily in the 3D enviroment....In general I could use the 192 channel mode, but sometimes it would be perfect to have the Strobefunction if needed...I don't wanna create a sequence using the virtual dimmer as strobe, cause this interrupt the normal workflow for sure.

    My idea what I was thinking, create 2 GDTF contain dimmer/strobe and the 2nd thr RGB values. But it would be tricky to place this in 3D and have the chance to select it correct. Perfect would be if I would have the chance to place the 8 strips within the GDTF file using just to select them and give them a position....but maybe someone has an other idea or a nice idea how this workflow with 2 individual fixtures could work.

  • Hi Thomas,

    This is not a smooth solution, but it could work. You could create 8 Fixture Types:

    • Showtec Octostrip MK2 (Strip 1)
      • Ch 1: Dimmer
      • Ch 2: Strobe
      • Ch 3-16: No function
      • Ch 17-40: 8x RGB
      • Ch 41-208: No function
    • Showtec Octostrip MK2 (Strip 2)
      • Ch 1-2: No function
      • Ch 3: Dimmer
      • Ch 4: Strobe
      • Ch 5-16: No function
      • Ch 17-40: No function
      • Ch 41-64: 8x RGB
      • Ch 65-208: No function
    • Etc.

    You could then patch all 8 strips with the same start address. You will have overlapping fixtures, but there is only a single function per channel. But I don‘t know if it confuses the console.

    Another way could be to use multipatch:…ltipatch/en/1.8

    You could create one fixture with all 208 channels, but don‘t place it into your 3D. This one will generate your DMX output.

    Then use the above mentioned fixtures Strip 1 to Strip 8 and multipatch them with the real fixture in an unused DMX universe. These can be placed in 3D.

    Good luck!

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