v1.9 Some fixtures snapping when using Go- or Goto.

  • Just updated to 1.9. In my main sequence (seq 1) when I use Go- or Goto some fixtures snap to their values instead of just take the cue fade time. There is no fade data stored in the fixtures. Exec Time is off and executor is set to ignore exec time anyway. I’ve also deleted the sequence and rebuilt it and it still does it. Is there something new in 1.9 that I’m missing?

  • Yep we ran into this too and ACT confirmed it was a known bug. It seems to only affect tracked values. Original or blocked values will fade as expected but tracked values will snap. A workaround could be to block the entire sequence.

  • Like our friend above, I've run into an issue in the phaser. I had someone say to "report it to your distributor". I'm assuming that means folks like ACT (I'm in USA)? If talking to ACT... I don't find a bug report or forum, do I just use their contact form?

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