Partial show read in grandma 3

  • Hey everyone,

    I've got a showfile for my touring show, but when I arrive at a new venue, I just want to use their patch and cloning it in my own show. In Grandma2, I use the "partial show read" function and it's simple.

    However, I'm having trouble figuring out how to do this in Grandma3. I've tried using MVR, but it only adds the venue fixture and doesn't cloning it. Additionally, for some reason, it's not matching my fixture ID.

    If anyone has any ideas on how to accomplish this, that would be amazing ;)


  • Hello Thomas, You can achieve this in a couple ways. I will explain two of them.

    If you get the patch on paper, you can copy/paste the fixtures from your touring show in your patch and swap them with the fixtures of the venue. This way it clones everything, groups, sequences, presets, etc.

    When you get a MVR file, you can choose to just load it in and clone by syntax.

    For example: ur touring show starts with id 101 thru 110 and your festival rig with 1001 thru 1010.

    What you can do is: Clone fixture 101 thru 110 at fixture 1001 thru 1010 if preset 4.*

    In this example you clone all the color presets. This also works for groups and sequences.

    Example 2: Clone group x at group y if preset *.*

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