• I have a fixture with 5 instances plus the main fixture.

    Is there an easy way to make selection on the grid and have them stack on the z axis?

    Right now, if I select fixture (301.) I get my selection along the X-axis

    As far as I can tell, the only way to stack these is to do:

    grid 0/0/0 thru 0/0/6 please, fixture (301.)

    Easy enough on a few fixtures, but takes FOREVER with large selections of lights.

    Maybe I'm missing an easier way.



  • Related to what Andreas said, when you press [Down], the children expand into the first free axis. (I know you said you're selecting the parent and all children at the same time - I'm just explaining here for illustrative purposes, and maybe you can get something useful from it.) So if you select...

    • Fixture 301 and press [Down], now 301.1 thru 5 will be spread across the X-axis (because the x-axis is free to spread into).
    • Fixture 301 + 302 and press [Down], now 301.1 thru 5 and 302.1 thru 5 will push into the Y-axis (because the x-axis is not available - you have stuff in more than one X-coordinate)
      • If you change the MAtricks YWidth to 1, now the children will push into the Z-axis (because you have forced the Y-axis to be unavailable as well)
    • Fixture 301 ; Grid 1/1 ; Fixture 302 ; [Down] - the children will push into the Z-axis because both the x- and y- axes are unavailable - you have stuff in more than one X-coordinate and more than one Y-coordinate
  • this is not the scenario you described in your first post.

    maybe this works for you:

    create your 2d layout in x&y axis with the main fixtures only (e.g. 301 - not 301. )

    store group xxx


    ->all subfixtures selected and stack in the z axis of the xy pos of the main fixture

    store merge with gridmergmode=off into the existing group xxx that has the mainfixtures

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