can anyone help what was changed in 1.9 phaser?!

  • In version 1.8, each wavelength can be defined separately by a phaser. In version 1.9 you can't select it, it automatically puts it on everyone, what am I doing wrong or how has it been updated?

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  • I've got the same problem. clearly a bug. I was trying to change the waveform for a particular attribute, but unable to do it by changing the checkboxes. sometimes I get the error you saw.

    could do it fine in 1.8, buggy in 1.9. I had another person on discord test and have the same results. they said they could still change the waveform state via the commandline, but not with the GUI.

    they said:


    Yeah no, I didn't notice that before, but it doesn't work for me either! It's like properly broken on multiple levels as well.. Hope it gets fixed real soon

    I did find a work around, for the time being. Set the at filter as you would normally, then instead of using the buttons, use the transition keyword. Something like
    Step 1 + 2 Transition 0<br>for a square wave, that seems to work. It's a little annoying to type it out each time, but it's a way

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