• Having a bad case of brain fog at the moment.

    I have all of my moving heads set up with pan and/or tilt encoder inverts as needed, so that when I grab everything they all pan stage left or right together and tilt upstage and downstage together.

    In my encoder bar, if I have the readout set to "Natural" and open the calculator and enter a value of say "45" I have some lights that will go 45 degrees upstage and some 45 degrees downstage. What am I missing so that they all go the same direction when entering values directly -vs- using the encoder??



  • Are we talking 3D or in the real world? I’ll assume the latter for the sake of this; When you invert the encoder you only invert the direction the encoder takes you in, if that makes sense. Say you have two fixtures, of the same type. But one is hanging with it’s display pointing upstage and the other pointing downstage. You can invert the tilt encoder so they both tilt in the same direction.

    However, if you put 45 in to the calcylator one fixture is gonna tilt in one direction and the other one in the opposit.

    You wouldn’t notice this when using the encoder though, because on one of the fixtures the encoder is inverted and therefor tilts in the opposite direction.

    I hope this make sense.

  • Ryan Kanarek

    Correct. Encoder invert, not DMX.

    When I spin my tilt encoder clockwise, all my lights except for my Mac Auras would tilt down stage toward front of house. I added the tilt encoder invert to the auras, now they play nice with everything else.

    When I open the calculator, and enter a direct value under natural readout, say “45” all my spots point upstage. My 2 electrics of R2X washes point downstage and my 2 electrics of auras point upstage.

    Trying to figure out how to make it so when I open the calculator, hit “45” all the lights go 45 downstage towards front of house.

  • I’m going through this as well right now, in 3d. When given 45 degrees of pan and tilt, the floor lights point upstage left (as desired) and the flown lights point USR.

    On MA2 this was fixable by reversing the physical to/from values in the fixture profile, but this has not been the case for me on ma3.

    Any tips?

  • I'm currently working around it by slapping an inverted DMX curve on the pan attribute, but this of course breaks follow functionality in 3D. What's the secret to making it work properly?

  • Hopping on this thread. Has this been answered yet? Looking to make a positive pan value be lamp right regardless of units being overhung or underhung. DMX invert works great for real world but 3d doesn't respond. Totally understand 3d being separate from DMX output, but it would be great to have a value invert option in patch as well.

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