PresetType delay time in OffCue ignored?

  • Hi,

    it seems to me that setting a delay time for an attribute isn't working in an offcue? Is this a known bug, intended behaviour or am I just doing something wrong? I want a dimmer to be released after the position/other values are released when turning off a sequence. Neither setting individual delay times nor PresetType delay times for the dimmer type seem to have the intended effect. Differing fade times set for dimmer vs other attributes do seem to work.

    Does anybody have any insight on this?



  • there should be no need to set preset-type timing for this, you can utilize the function of separate cue times for outfade,

    ( via the slash, if compressed timing is enabled, and you don't display separate columns for infade and outfade)

    e.g general offtime of 3 seconds (with 0 seconds delay), and dimmer outfade with 3.5 seconds delay and 2 seconds fade:

    offcue cuefade = 3 / 2

    offcue cuedelay = 0 / 3.5

  • Hi Andreas,

    thanks for your idea. This probably won't work, because I am forcing the dimmer to zero at the end of my sequence, and the dimmer value will thus be going up after I turn it off (I have other sequences that send values to the dimmer attribute). As the dimmer is fading up, I'm unable to use this solution. Can you reproduce the problem I'm having?

  • You are right! It does work!

    Thank you for taking the time :)

    However: do I misunderstand the documentation here or does the documentation contradict the actual behaviour?

    • Cue In Fade
      This is the fade time used for all intensity values changing from a lower value and going to a higher and any other attribute changing value. It starts when the cue is triggered and after the Cue In Delay has counted down.
    • Cue In Delay
      This is the delay before the fade. This defines a countdown time between the cue is triggered and when the fade should begin. The In Delay affects the In Fade. The default value is 0, meaning that there is no delay.
    • Cue Out Fade
      The out fade is used by intensity values fading from a higher value to a lower. It is executed after the Cue Out Delay. The default value is the in fade, meaning that it is the same as whatever the cue in fade is.
    • Cue Out Delay
      This is the delay time for the Out Fade. It can be used to delay when intensity values should start to fade down in value. The default value is in delay, meaning that it is the same as the Cue In Delay value.

    According to this, the dimmer going back to a higher value should ignore the out fade and out delay, because it is not fading down in value?

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