How to flip Pan or Tilt values

  • How does one flip the pan or tilt values of a selected set of fixtures with a position called?

    How example. In previz I make some positions. Then I get to the rig and see that my fan out looks like a fan in. Yes, I know I can invert the dmx values, but this is not always the solution, as sometimes that means one set of fixtures will pan left while the other set will pan right when the encoder is turned the same way. I like to do the dmx inverts so that all fixtures pan and tilt the same way.

    Anyway, my syntax in MA2 to flip a position was as follows:
    step one - select the group

    step 2 select the position

    syntax - Attribute Pan At *-1

    step 3 update position

    On MA3 I have tried all the following syntax with no success..


  • I'm not really sure if this is what you want, but I think that you are looking for "flip selected" (or "flip fixture x thru y"). Then you update or store the position.

    To be honest I still had no need to use this, so I'm not entirely if it works or if it messes up the rest of the previously recorded cues...

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