adding and lowering relative values

  • Hi guys,

    I was wondering if it's possible to readout the current relative value of a preset, once a group is selected.

    Where I want to go, is to lower or higher a relative value within a preset using a macro, after I selected the related group of fixtures.

  • If I understand what you want correctly you can achieve this by using the relative keyword and the plus and minus keywords.

    You do Attribute 'Pan' At Relative - 10 or Attribute 'Pan' At Relative + 10

    It's very important that you have a space between the +/- and the number, otherwise the value will be interpreted as an 'absolute' relative value (so you'll end up with Pan Relative at -10 if you do Attribute 'Pan' At Relative -10 and not at 10 less than you had before).

  • the idea is good, but it does not work as expected

    readout is in Decimal8

    Group 1

    at preset 2."pan -"

    attribute "pan" at relative 30

    now I see the relative value of the pan attribute at 30

    attribute "pan" at relative + 1

    now, for some reason, the relative value is shown "13". I'm trying to find the logic behind this one

    if I set relative value to -151 using the encoder bar, and then:

    attribute pan at relative Decimal8 + 1

    now the relative value is -47

    I would expect the relative value will be -150 , not -47 , so I'm wondering which logic is applied.

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  • Hi - even with the Decimal08 line, the command line feedback says this feature isn't implemented yet? Looking to write a macro to make relative changes to a tilt position, for example;

    fixture 135 attribute "tilt" at relative decimal08 +05

    Any help would be much appreciated!

  • just to clarify

    I selected group 1, clicked in the "pan" tab on "relative" to see the relative value, and typed attribute "pan" at relative decimal8 -90

    for some reason, the relative value is set to -89, and not -90 (bug or something normal?)

    next, I wanted to higher the relative value by typing attribute "pan" at relative decimal8 + 1

    suddenly the relative value is now -33, instead of the expected -88 (because -89 + 1 feels like -88)

    just trying to create some "size master" for movements, and other related things :)

    I'm wondering if this is some bug? do I mistype something? or is this normal according to some unseen parameters?

  • what are the reasons for using Decimal8 ?

    I think you will get a better result by using e.g percent when dealing with relative and/or negative values.


    Attribute "pan" At Relative Percent + 1

    or if you want to adjust one decimal8 step:

    Attribute "pan" At Relative Percent + 0.392

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