Dot 2 -> Switch -> Moving heads problem

  • Hi. We recently acquired Dot 2 in our "theatre" space. The space is shared with multiple users (school, community college) and there hasn't been a paid technician ever in the venue. The venue has an ETC congo and we wanted something simpler.
    Now, I'm coming from a sound engineering background and was set to do the patching of the lamps. We have two dmx universes
    and lots of moving heads via art-net. Art-net is causing me grey hairs. Here is the setup:

    Dot 2 --> HP V1410-16 switch --> lamps (Robin LEDwash 600 mode2 etc...)

    Like I said I come from a sound engineering background and I'm having trouble patching the lamps via art-net. I've looked up device list and the addresses from
    the Congo and patched everything right in dot 2 but none of the lamps in the art-net are working. Everything via the dmx outputs works.
    I just wanted to ask if I'm missing something crucial since this is the first time I'm doing this stuff?

    I also tried to change the dot 2 art-net ip with "Setip eth0:1 10.x.x.x" (and of course replaced the x's with numbers :)
    The next step for me is I'm taking the lamps down and patching straight from dot 2 --> lamp just to try it out. There's no documentation or anything
    of the venue's technical information (which as you all know sucks) so I'm doing this blind folded and just trying stuff out.

    Thanks and greetings,

  • Hey Jaakko,

    have you started a session? A session is required for the output of network protocols.
    Do you use Art-Net nodes to convert the network data into DMX? Please keep in mind that the dot2 uses different universes compared to the Art-Net standard, so you have to configure the nodes correctly to receive the right universe! Please have a look at the attached screenshot.

    Hopefully these things will solve the issue!


  • Hi Lars! Thanks for the post.Yup, a session is running.The problem is that I have no idea what physical items are on the other end of the network cables..Nobody knows because lack of documentation but I'm pretty sure there isn't any art-net--> dmx nodes. It's just straight ethernet cable to the lamp and maybe from lamp art2dmx to other lamps (well that counts for a art-net->dmx node sort of I guess).I will find out tomorrow when I lower the truss with lamps.

    BUT the tip about the different universes in dot 2 art-net universes is something to look into. Art-net (hell, the whole light design business) is new for me, but I'm eager to learn. So let's imagine that there is moving head and it's address starts at 2.123 (2 being the universe). So I should try to patch in dot 2 at 3.123 right?

    We will probably have the ETC congo hooked up side by side for a year still so I'm not really eager to change lamp addresses or anything like that.


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