Creating Cues with Length of Time as # of Beats Macro

  • Hello!

    Probably a beginner question/thoughts here but I have been searching to no avail -

    I would like to program my cue list where a cue lasts X amount of beats - For example, a cue with all my lights colored blue for the intro of a song, which lasts 32 beats, and if the song were 120 BPM, this would be 16 seconds.

    Is there a way to throw this idea into the programmer so I can then create a macro for such? This is a simple example, and I know the math would get more complicated ie. 4 beats at 128 BPM would be 1.875 seconds, so I would like to create a macro that asks "# of Beats" for user input and "Song BPM" for user input, then updates the TrigTime of the queue accordingly. Then when hitting Go on first cue in list, it will play back in the same organization as the song I am coding to, and much quicker/intuitive than working with seconds etc.

    I feel this would make timecoding a breeze for gridded EDM songs that I have liked working on, rather than working in seconds and adjusting on the timecode view, or having to make many markers in Reaper and copy over.

    Any help here or other ideas of how to accomplish would be much appreciated! ^^

  • When programming the cue timing, I use a beat length of 1 second (or 0.5 seconds for half a beat, etc.) Then I assign a speed master to the queue to modify its rate. At the beginning of my timeshow, I set the speedmaster fader to the correct value. The software will automatically calculate the cue timings to fit the given speed.

    Example: 4 cues with 1 second each, Speedmaster at 120 bpm -> cue timings are re-calculated to 0.5 seconds. The software will show this new time with an Asterix next to it.

    The problem is that this is not 100% precise. So after some time the timing of the sequence will be slightly off. So I can‘t do this for something longer than say 30 seconds. Also I don‘t think it is practical to have an entire show in a single sequence.

    To fix this, I break my timeline show down into several sequences that I trigger from the timeshow.

    PS: If you use phasers in the cues, you also need to assign the speed master to modify the speed of the sequence.

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