Viz-key not found my MA. Only one light turns on

  • Hi! My Viz-Key suddenly stopped working. When i connect it to my computer, light nr 1 turns on and it shows up in device manager, but it wont connect to MA3 or capture. I have tried reinstalling MA3 1.8.8 but no success. Any tips on what might cause this?

  • Got it working by plugging it in to another computer and then back into mine, strange.. But now I have the same problem with my command wing.. Maybe I just need a full reinstall of windows.. Having a show tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll get it working.

  • Please do not ... search for the problem elsewhere. I think your network config is off since you can access it with this and then that and now that other thing isn't working...

    It’s definitely a driver problem I believe. Network config shouldn’t matter on a command wing. And the viz-key and command wing uses the same drivers I think.

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