Different syntax getting stuck in Command Line

  • As I am working around my file, programming, making macros etc the command line often gets populated with things I don't want or need. In this situation, when I'm programming a song if I select some lights and then type 'store 1', the console should write 'store cue 1' instead it asks me a question about macros.

    I generally only ever want the 'Fixture' keyword there. I have to restart the software to clear it again.

    Is this a bug or is it the intended function?

  • This is intended. You either edited some macros behind each other without closing the editor in between (this is a known issue) or you executed some commands with the ChangeDestination keyword.

    You can go back to the root which will be the thing with "Admin [Fixture]>" in the command by executing ChangeDestination Root (abbreviation: cd root)

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