• Hi all.

    i have some uservars I want to get rid of, but if I type the same name they stay. This is probably due to a double space somewhere, or a too long name etc. I wanted to use DelUserVar* but that doesn’t seem to be implemented yet, while GetUserVar* works fine.

    How can i delete all vars in one go?

    thanks a lot.

  • Unfortunately, this is not implemented at moment. You have to delete user variables one by one.

    Maybe you can post a screenshot of the command line feedback after you executed GetUserVar *?

    In this case, we can try to find the correct syntax/names together.

    Please note also, that the commands you posted above never work. A space between the keyword and the * is missing in order to get the keywords detected correctly.

  • thanks for your reply, lil typo over here, muscle memory takes over during programming. Hereby the screenshot. Some vars are longer than we can see i think, that is why i cannot get rid of them. Content_Scr1 is one of the troublemakers.

  • Content_Scr1 is one of the troublemakers.

    paste this Lua snippet into the commandline, I suspect it might give you the answer.....

    Lua "local name,actualname='Content_Scr1' for i=0,15 do actualname=(' '):rep(i) local myvar=GetVar(UserVars(),actualname) if myvar then Printf('Actual name of \'%s\' is \'%s\' (%i spaces in front of visible name)',name,actualname,i) return end end"

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