Copy /remove worlds

  • Hey everyone,

    Try to copy /r worlds to another world but it doesn’t has this option. I can merge or overwrite.

    I have different worlds for different attributes, 1 dim, 1 position etc with a dummy fixture.

    I want to use 1 world on a sequence we’re I can merge or remove attributes in. As well as merging or removing fixture groups.

    Is there something I’m overlooking or does this workflow not work as it supposed to?


  • are mixing worlds and filter. A world contain fixtures and a filter contain attributes. For a world its equal which attribute a fixture has, and for a filter its equal which fixture it is, it filters only f.e. Dimmer-, Position-attributes,....

    So you need to be clear that world and filters are different things. You can't remove a world from a world. You can only remove a fixture, a groups, a channel,.... from a world, same you can add it as well. And for a filter you can only remove or add an attribute, but no fixture.

    In your case, you speak about a Filter. And yes, you can add a Filter to a sequence, and you also can add and remove aatributes to that filter.

  • No it’s not because you can’t use a filter and a world on the same seq. That’s why I use worlds.

    Like I said I used this method already in ma2.

  • I know that you can use only one Filtertype at the same time....but why do you want to filter an attribute out of a Sequence? You can use for example an All-Preset and then copy/m a Release into the attribute you don't wanna output...then you still have the world available to filter fixtures out.
    Only way might be that you edit the world, make the changes and update that world then (should be possible via Macro)....BUT for MA3, it is not a bad idea to overthink your workflow.

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  • It's not a filter...the release function...but it gives you the advantage to use MATricks if you step from a release to a value. F.e. if you want the dimmer back in your sequence you can use a delay from 0 to 1, which makes a swipe in. With your world filter this is not possible....the dimmer will appear direct. And as other way...try the edit function in preview/blind mode.

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