Intel Iris Xe Graphics 12th Gen

  • Although not officially supported, we have typically seen ok performance when running MA3 OnPC with sufficient shared graphics on Intel chips up to 11th gen.

    However I've observed on the 12th Gen chips with Iris graphics the whole PC just falling over after several minutes of OnPC running.

    Has anyone seen this and/or have a work around fix?

    Obviously in no way recommended for show use, but we do/will have people trying to run on their machines for simple offline editing, etc...


  • I run onPC on a Laptop with 11th generation Iris (the larger version with 96 EUs). It works fine even with 2 Full HD and one 4K screens.

    But: The load on the GPU is really high, typically around 85%. As a result, the chip becomes very hot after a few minutes. If the cooling of your machine is too weak, the chip might have a temperature problem. You can check if this is the reason with a small tool that shows the GPU temperature, e.g. GPU-Z. You should see that these crashes occur once a certain temperature is reached.

    Also there was a bug in previous version that would crash the system if the 3D window had to render gobos. But this was fixed with

  • No it’s not temp, thats ok and the GPU also at only around 25% load. Small ASUS ‘nuc’ style machine.

    Not a MA3 crash either, whole machine just dies and reboots. But it’s only MA3 software, any sort of hardware stress test runs fine for hours.

    Same style on an 11th gen is fine, this is the first 12th gen we’ve encountered and definitely does not like the software one bit.

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