Cop light phaser/effect

  • Hello all! Still pretty new obviously but just wanted to play around some phasers. Trying to make a simple cop light effect. No chase involved. Just red and then blue. Set it up simply enough. I set the transition across RGB all to 0 so it pops, but then I go to the speed. I turn off the green but if I increase the BPM at all over 60 then Magenta starts showing up. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  • Why you turn off green? Green is involved into a RGB chase....just it is 0 in both steps. Step 1: R100/G0/B0, step 2: R0/G0/B/100. Chose as form the square. And if you increase the speed, it depends on the kind of fixture you use, how quick this can do the transition. If the transition f.e. need close to 1 second to change the colors, then with 60bpm you won't see a real change.

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