DC Remote motorized Faders

  • hi, i have a question about the DC Remote. Is it possible to use motorized potentiometers via the DC Remote In, so that they behave like the console faders?

  • Until know I had no need to use DC Remote inputs on gMA3, but I must say I find the manual a little bit confusing.

    Probably my lack of expertise on electronics doesn't help neither...

    But it mentions the use of a potentiometer +10V DC:

    Connect DC Remote In - grandMA3 User Manual - Help pages of MA Lighting International GmbH

    Using a potentiometer, I thought it would be possible to input more values than on/off only.

    It would be great to have some images/photos of different projects using dc inputs or people sharing their knowledge on the subject.

    Anyone has an idea if there is a good tutorial on the subject somwhere?

  • You are right. You can use a potentiometer or a fader (which is a linear potentiometer) to input into the grandMA3.

    You can build a fader board to remote control faders of sequences.

    Also, it could be doable to input a sound level (audience noise meter).


  • You know what, I apologize, I had my MA2 brain on and completely blanked that we now have this ability. Sorry for the misinformation. Have deleted an earlier incorrect post.

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