Cue mode release?

  • How is it possible to set the cue mode to release, like in GMA2? I understand the concept of the 'Off-Cue'. However, I often like to have a cuestack of bumps, which I want to release after each hit. Currently I cannot achieve this and the exec stays on thus affecting output of other cues.

    For example:

    Cue 1; spots Odd full

    Cue 2; spots Odd Zero (MODE: Release)

    Cue 3; spots Even full

    Cue 4; spots Even Zero (MODE: Release)


  • That mode functionaility haven’t been implemented yet, as far as I understand. I have just made an auto cue in the end of the sequence with the command ”off sequence x” as a workaround.

    There is a lot of workarounds needed at the moment, unfortunately.

  • I have just made an auto cue in the end of the sequence with the command ”off sequence x” as a workaround.

    Disable the Sequence Setting "Wrap Around", and then you can give the OffCue a Trig Type, e.g. Follow. (I know this does not solve Logan's request, since they want to have multiple break points in the sequence. But it should solve your scenario.)

  • this works for me:

    Cue1: spots Odd Full

    Cue2: spots Even Full

    Cue 1 property Release: Yes

    Cue 2 property Release: Yes

    Executor Key function: Temp

    Sequence property RestartMode: NextCue

    - or did I misunderstand what you want ?

  • This does not work, as when stop pressing the cue, it remains on the 'off cue' - either 2 or 4. That has values at zero. So when I push up my spots fader it the evens will be off.

  • Don't understand what you mean with "offcue - either 2 or 4" and "That has values at zero"

    In my suggested solution there are only two cues, and neither of them contains any zero values.

  • I see what you mean. However, this solution does not allow for fade out times. Only fade in times. I like to have the lights flash on, then fade out with .2s. Is that possible?

  • yes, is this a problem?

    the offcue is triggered no matter if you switch off ( = release the Temp button) while in cue 1 Odd, or while in cue 2 Even

    or do you now want to have different fadeout times for the Odd bump versus the Even bump?

  • That's actually good to know re the off time. However, that was just one example of how I like to use the release cue. Lets try another:

    I want a cuestack with my spots doing a dimmer delay wipe, left to right. Then right to left.

    Cue 1: Spots at 100 - Delay 0 thru 1

    Cue 2 Spots at 0 - delay 0 thru 1 [Type - Time 0.5s]

    Cue 3: Spots at 100 - Delay 1 thru 0

    Cue 4 Spots at 0 - Delay 1 thru 2 [Time - Time 0.5s]

    As you can see, a temp will not work here because I need cue 2+4 to keep playing after I let go of the button. They must be triggered 0.5s after the first cue so the delay consumes half the spots. This must be a Go+ button. Then, the spots will stay on Dimmer 0% until I turn off the cue.

  • Technically that could also be done with 2 cues (rather than 4), each with 2 parts, and "Allow Duplicates" enabled.

    Nevertheless, there are certainly situations where this is not easily accomplished without a way to link an arbitrary cue (or multiple arbitrary cues) to the OffCue.

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