ma2 nodes in sACN for an ma3

  • So we all know that the ma2 generation nodes do not work as an ma-net3 node.

    But can you put the ma2 nodes in sACN (or less preferably art-net) and have them work as a dmx node, same as any other manufacturer? No increasing parameter count, no unlocking onPC. Just as a standard sACN node on an ma3 console network that is broadcasting sACN?

    Has anyone tried this?

    The other option is of course sACN out of the ma3 into an ma2 to the network on ma-net2.


  • ...sACN is so kewl[imho], so 'forward' thinking, as a protocol for controlling literally 'every/anything' not just some proprietary hardware[jank] with scoping limitations....just sayin', options are good.

  • So if I'm running MA3 on my own tour desk, and I have to use a festival rig where the whole system is on an MA2 NPU, is it difficult/a bad idea to switch that festival NPU to sACN mode for my set?

    Considering making the big move to MA3, but going from tour to festivals a lot, this is a possible constraint that would likely prevent that. If this is a fix, I'm RTG!

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