More than one Midi input option?

  • Is it possible to enable more than 1 midi input option? I currently have a midi encoder device which I use for the encoder wheels, now I want to program timecode with MTC. Is there a way to have more than 1 midi input?

  • OnPC only supports one midi input - so no

    But you have two choices - use midiox and loop midi - connect both midi devices to ox midi and send to loop midi - and set loop midi in onpc

    In midi ox, if necessary, you can convert notes to other - when they will overlap in both devices.

    The second possibility is to use your controller with software that will convert midi to OSC (e.g. chataigne)

  • One little known trick could be used is that you can run multiple instances of onpc at once on the same machine.

    So you could open a second instance, use the second midi device on that and place them both in a loopback session.

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