• Hello to all,

    I was wondering if any of you had managed to make a dialog of this type? Is it possible? I'm looking for examples in the ui.xml, nothing comes out. The idea of this dialog would be twofold:

    1 - Display a preset selector

    2 - Display a group of buttons with an appearance applied to each of them.

    I saw this discussion but nothing helped me about button and preset.

  • I am quite certain this is not (practically) possible in a user-created dialog.

    the graphical rendering of a poolbutton (e.g. appearance or gobopreset) is not determined by properties of that actual ui-element, but from properties of recursive ui parents, (pooltype), which again reference userprofile data (pool options)

  • if you merely want to make something where you can

    1. press a button

    2. select a preset and an apperance (for that preset)

    Then here's one simple approach:

    ScreenConfig 2

    open a preset pool on one half of the screen and an apperance pool on the other half

    ScreenConfig 1

    then create a macro:

    ScreenConfig 2

    Assign [execute=No]

    ScreenConfig 1

    calling that macro will give you a dialog (screen) where you can select preset and apperance, then return back to where you were.

  • Thank you both for these two approaches but it will not help me in my case.

    The idea was to propose a dialog allowing me to select a preset from the displayed list and then store it in a recipe of a defined sequence.

    The usage would have been as follows:

    - in a layout view, we have a button named color FX which opens a dialog.

    - This dialog proposes the presets of the parameterized color pool (example: AllIn1, predefined phasers imported).

    - when I click on it, I assign it to my sequence and aunch it. This would avoid me to have both a layout view with a color picker and, next to it, 40 Fx button.

    That being said, I'm new to the light operator game so maybe there's another approach so that, in live mode, I can quickly assign a preset to a sequence and then trigger it ?

  • you could use the same workflow for your scenario.

    consider screenconfig 2 (combined with a view call) as your dialog, then collect the action within that dialog, then do whatever you want with that collection:

    e.g Macro "ColorFX"

    ScreenConfig 2

    View "myViewShowingColorFXpool"

    Collect [execute = No]

    ScreenConfig 1

    Assign Collection At Sequence "mydefinedseq" Cue "mydefinedcue" Part 0.1

    Go+ Sequence "mydefinedseq"

  • Collect [execute = No]

    the text in the square bracket is my attempt to indicate that the macroline property 'execute' should be changed to 'No'

    it is not part of the macroline's command syntax

    Macroline Command-property: Collect

    Macroline Execute-property:No

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