• I found a small bug - when calling Select EncoderPage # - the program doesn't highlight the appropriate tab.

    This happens when, for example, we have fixtures in the patch without a certain attribute, such as a gobo.

    Now, when I type in the command line:
    Select EncoderPage 1 - the program correctly highlights DIMMER
    Select EncoderPage 2 - the program correctly highlights POSITION
    Select EncoderPage 3 is for gobo - so this command does nothing OK
    Select EncoderPage 4 - the program highlights BEAM - and it should be COLOR - however, I can control the color encoders.

    And now something interesting:

    Select EncoderPage 5 - highlights BEAM (it's correct)
    Select EncoderPage 6 - highlights CONTROL - but I can control FOCUS
    Select EncoderPage 7 - highlights CONTROL, everything is OK

    And now, when I choose again:
    Select EncoderPage 5 - the system highlights FOCUS - but I can control the encoders for BEAM.

    Of course, if I use a mouse or touch screen - everything works correctly - the error only appears when calling the command from the command line.

  • you can just use the names of the encoder page, so if you have a show without the feature gobo and you call the colour will be not on beam.

    As you did it's just a number of the Feature you have able, and in your screen the 4th it's the beam.

    Select EncoderPage "Color" etc...

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