Custom Dialogs

  • Hi,

    I researching the proper way to have custom dialogs.

    This useful post shows how to build custom dialogs directly with the Object API.
    RE: LUA: UI

    I am wondering if we can build menus and overlays the same way MA does it, as you can see in:

    Each Menu have these files:
    - menu.xml

    - menu.uixml

    - menu.lua

    The menu.xml file defines a menu name, for example

    <Menu Lock="Yes"  Name="AtFilterOverlay".../>

    These Menus are like Plugins, just instead of calling them with the "Plugin" keyword, we can call them with the "Menu" keyword.

    This command will open the "AtFilterOverlay":

    Menu AtFilterOverlay

    So what now?

    I can't seem to be able to add my own menu, that could be called with the "Menu" keyword.
    I tried putting the menu files under ".../MALightingTechnology/gma3_[version]/shared/resource/lib_menus" but with no success.

    Anyone wants to try and research this?

  • Ok, Solved it.

    All I had to do was run "ReloadUI" after adding a menu (-:

    So to summarise, if you add somewhere under:

    These files:

    - my_menu.xml

    - my_menu.uixml

    - my_menu.lua

    And run "ReloadUI"

    Then you can load you menu using command: "Menu [You Menu Name]"

    Using it in a Plugin

    So I guess you plugin would have to "Install" the menu files in the menus folder
    which is not in the user library, it's part of the version.
    You need to make sure there is no collisions yeah !!!

    This means, your plugin should handle a case where the files are not there (if someone loaded an old show file with a newer version)

  • I would STRONGLY advise against doing this.

    Plugins are one things, messing with the installed components of the console UI is another and should be avoided.

    I have done this for my own personal non show critical use however putting it out in the real world is going to pretty much render you unable to get official support when needed for anything on that show.

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