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  • Hi

    In version 1.6, we were abble to store a global color preset for a fixture type, then modify color for one of these fixtures and store merge with auto mode the preset to have a global preset with some selective values for the fixture we have changed.

    This doesn't work anymore in version 1.7 and 1.8. We need to update the preset instead of just store it.

    And this workflow doens't work with univesal preset.

    Is this normal ?

    i really don't understand how MA can present a new fixture in v1.6 (there is 3 videos in the e-learning) and just give it up in the next version.

    One step beyond, three behind !


  • My store option is Preset Mode "Auto"

    The pool set-up is Global

    I select Spot 1, make a color (ie Red) store it as a global preset.

    I select all my spots , call the preset Red.

    Then i select Spot 4, change the color, store the preset :

    popup : Mode = Auto, Merge

    The color is not stored, the preset is still only global and my spot 4 goes to red when i call the preset.

    If i do Update, it works : i get a global/selective preset with the right colors.

    Same kind of problems with universal preset

    Spot 1 at universal preset "Yellow"

    Change the color, store merge in automode (pool is in global mode) : i get a universal/selective preset. Ok

    I change again the color and store with forceglobal : nothing happen.

    I do it again with another Spot, forceglobal is ok but there is no G in the case.

    Everything is very weird.

    In v1.6, this works perfectly, but not in v1.7 and 1.8.

    All of this is very embarassing when you tell your students : "let me show you how MA3 is great with the preset modes." and all go wrong.

    I should have tried before, but I was too confident.

    Thank you.

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  • Thats really strange....update should not change the orientation of the preset. It should still stay global.
    About store /m a new color...this behaviour is well to explain. You selcted spot 1 to create the global color. So the reference is Spot 1. If you want to change the color and use Spot 4, you need to use the store option force global. If you would delete Spot 1 (f.e.) then the next avaliable Spot of the same type will be the "Global Master" to store the global preset for this Fixture Type.

  • Yes, Update do change the orientation of the preset preset, as explained in the video Special 1.6 in the e-learning course.

    Yes, i did use ForceGlobal, as i wrote in my previous post.

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  • I too have a hard time understanding the logic if there is any - except I keep getting G + S presets when I don't want them.

    I can not see the 'Global value by average' is working (below).
    I wish there was a Force Global - setting too inside the Preset that did not allow ANY S-values

    I find that Universal Preset is more messed up.
    After updating it always ends up as a Multi-Global Preset but it still calls itself "U"

    Thought I had a work-around, but not even in a World with only the Universal Fixture will this work as expected.

    - - -

    The global value is determined by the average across all values of attributes within the same activation group:
    (Value of fixture 1 + Value of fixture 2 + Value of fixture 3 + ... value of fixture n) / Number of used fixtures = Average value
    The value that is closest to the calculated average value will be the global value. The fixture with this value will then hold the global value. In the case of color, all color attributes are handled together when choosing the global value.

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  • You can use "Cleanup Preset x.y /Selective" to remove selective values out of presets.

    Thanks Ryan, I'll remember that.

    But why is it not possible to update a U-Preset without filling it with every FixtureType in the patch?

    If I want Global I can use Global...

    Known issue?

    Maybe fixed in the last 6 months?

  • But why is it not possible to update a U-Preset without filling it with every FixtureType in the patch?

    If I want Global I can use Global...

    Known issue?

    Maybe fixed in the last 6 months?

    to my understanding, this is expected behavior:

    Quote from the manual:

    Universal (U):

    Data will be added as global data, and the preset mode will be set to Universal.

    the conversion from a universal generic value to a real dmx-value is dependent on fixturetype and must be precalculated (= global data) to ensure proper realtime performance

    maybe in a future version these internally required global values can be hidden for the user in the preset editor.

  • There's always a chance I have misunderstood what's the Universal Preset type is meant for.

    I thought it was a preset where you could store ONE physical value (pr attribute/step).

    When applied this value is translated to represent that physical value on whatever fixture you have.

    (I see how storing globals in the Preset is a way of doing this.)

    This is also how it works until you edit and update it.

    If I use the Universal Fixture to adjust the Preset and then Update, the Universal Fixture gets the new value but every other Fixture Type is now stored in the Preset with the OLD VALUE.

    If I use one of the regular Fixture Types to adjust the Preset and then update, ONLY this Fixture type is changed.

    What I have now is a Multi-Global Preset identifying as a Universal Preset.

    What I would expect for this to be useful:

    After editing with the Universal Fixture type all the (preferably hidden) Global values are updated

    After editing with a regular Fixture this value is translated to the Universal Fixture and THEN all the Global values are updated.

    (Multiple different values could be handled in some clever way - not important)

    Please do join the discussion and enlighten me.

    PS. I have work-around!
    Store / overwrite (And lock the Preset to avoid unintentional updates)

  • What do you know!
    There is an undocumented bugfix on this in v1.9.2.2

    Must have been a known issue then.

    Unfortunately this also leads me to the first bug-report.

    Editing a Universal Color Phaser with the Color Picker destroys the phaser. (Deletes step 2)

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