Macro Tigger when leave Patch

  • Hi Everyone

    I need a solution that when i leave the Patch and Save my Changes to Trigger a Macro that saves new fixtures to a World.

    Someone a Idea for a solution?


  • I see quite some problems with your question.

    * when I leave the Patch -> this changes the internal engine to the new situation,

    * and Save my Changes -> this is a user interaction or 2x patch

    * to trigger a macro -> when those 2 actions were performed in that order and consecutive?

    * saves new fixtures -> delta from the patch (how this would be achieved ???)

    * adds these fixtures to a World (which one? Via User Input)

    When patching I'm looking at my documentation and I know what fixtures I have just added ... I don't need a macro to do that.

  • Hi Thanks for you asword

    the trigged macro is quite easy somethin like "FID World1 1thru store at world 1 /m and FID World2 1 thru store at World 2 /m"

    But to Trigger This Macro when i leav the Patch i havnt a idea.

    It doesnt has the be when i save setting can also just be when i leave the Patch Menu

    Hope you unterstand what i mean :)

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