Problems with remote dmx trigger

  • Hey I'm having a problem getting a dmx remote to trigger a macro. The macro triggers fine when I put it in a sequence command line. Or when I trigger it in any other way. Any help or guidance would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • Dmxremote 3 Enabled Yes Address 2.455 8 Bit Resolution Macro 317 'Test' Fader - Key Go+ Trigger On 250 Trigger off 200. Default setting from there.

    I have a dummy practical fixture patched to 2.455

    I can see the values increase and decrease in the dmx remote window when I assign that fixture to a fader.

  • Does your macro 317 actually have any content ?

    if you create a command in a cue to trigger the macro, or press the pool-object,

    you execute the syntax Go+ Macro 317 (visible in commandline history)

    which again executes the content (macrolines)

    However if you assign the macro to an executor for playback, or as a target of a remote,

    the macro will directly execute the content without queueing the actual macrocall via the commandline interface.

    meaning that only the content (macrolines) will show in commandline history

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