OSC/Showkontrol Input issue

  • Hey around there...someone have an idea about OSC CMD input from Showkontrol....I did a Showkontrol setup, sending an OSC command to MA3. Everything is setup correct, sometimes it works, sometimes not. I set it up at home complete in an onPC session, but on site it won't work. IP dresses are checked and I send from Showkontrol to the right address....if I put the same IP address as on the console onto my OSC Monitor I receive the signal. As soon as I then disconnect the Pioneer network from Showkontrol MA receive the command. SK and onPC have different NIC's on the Mac, WiFi is switched off. Pioneer is DHCP and onPC is a fixed IP address. Port is also correct.

    Any idea why it won't work as soon as Pioneer network is connected. It works as well with Pioneer network as soon as I don't output Signals from an MA-Node (if I output DMX over the plugs on the console it works, or if I output only to a visualizer....with attached node no message received)....the traffic can't be that much cause only 8 universes are used and every universe is as maximum 50% used.

    PS: I tried it as well with a different IP range and as well on a different port.

  • It is the club version....but I found the mistake ;-)....I used different MacBooks....in the one which I normally use only for preprogramming I have had the OSC Syntax: /gma3/cmd s Argument.....which is the right way....and on my showbook I used as syntax /gma3/ s cmd argument....so it was...as mostly...a user error ;)

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