How to Handle MIDI message with only a specific value (velocity)?

  • Hi,

    I am trying to write a plugin for controlling the encoders with MIDI.

    The console does not support Relative MIDI messages,
    for example one of the relative standards specifies that midi value 65 means +1, and midi value 63 means -1.

    I wish I could get the raw MIDI value straight to my Plugin, any way of doing that?

    I thought to try using the MIDI remotes to add a line for each value , that will call a different macro.
    So one line for the value 63, and another for the value 65 of the same MIDI channel & index.

    It seems impossible.

    The In & Out ranges are only for mapping range values to a fader.
    The Trigger On/Off is not suitable since if I put Trigger ON at 63 it catch both 63 and 65.

    Any ideas?

    Other Solutions

    1) I could use an external MIDI adapter app to change the MIDI controller's messages to they use different MIDI index. Or even convert them to different OSC messages.

    2) I can think of a devilish HACK, using Trigger ON, and assuming that ALL matching macro lines are called before the next MIDI massage is handled. But I'd rather have a proper solution.

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