• Hey Everyone,

    I just have a question about the phasers in MA3. I work in film and TV and have been using the MA2 for years and sadly the one effect I use often if a Fire Effect that I made from a custom form. Using the High and Low levels to be able to change the base level of the fire and then use the high to adjust the top level of the fire. Im sure everyone is familiar with how the effect engine work on MA2 so I won't go on about that side of it anymore.

    What I have noticed with MA3 is once I make a phaser with say 20 steps in it to make a fire effect it seems quiet hard to replicate a way to manipulate it the same way that MA2 did. I have managed to work out using the absolute and relative options in the phaser editor but it seems when changing those levels over and over again as I would on set that after a while the phaser levels looses its shape and you cant get it back to anything similar to how it started.

    Does anyone know if MA are planing on adding a way to adjust the high and lows similar to a way that you could in MA3? I love the new phaser setup but the lack of this feature is really the only thing stopping me from using MA3 for any Movie or TV show I work on in the future and it would be amazing if the feature would be added at sometime.

    Thanks for anyone who made it through my post and if anyone has any ideas for a work around or a way to do this.


  • I would probably do the opposite to what seems logical.

    I would create my ‘custom form’ phaser using absolute values.

    Then I would use a static relative value to adjust the high/level up or down.

    If I wanted a min low value the fixture doesn’t go below I’d run the ‘effect’ on a HTP executor with a min static value running underneath on a second executor.

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