Temp fader remember value

  • Hello forum,

    I have created a sequence with different positions fx cues (circle, pan, tilt)

    The sequence is assigned to an executor and to control the effect the fader is assigned as a temp fader.

    This works but when going to the next cue the temp fader resets to the maximum value. I want the temp fader to remain it's value.

    I have tried things as go, load, on and many different executor settings but nothing worked.

    I am looking for an easy solution to be able to fade between different position fx.

    On the forum I could find a similar topic but without clear solution: Temp fader acting as go

    I thought just give it a go, maybe someone has a workaround or know if this is not possible at all?

    Thanks for all the help.

  • To change a cue all time bring the temp at 100....so you need to do a workaround. create the move sequence with one cue only by recipe. group x and preset "move 1"...if it's labeled "move 1". Note, this "move 1"-preset is a copy/paste preset only ;-).....then just copy the universal-circle/pan/tilt onto that "move 1"-preset.

    AlternativAn alternative way. Create a Stomp fader and use a different sequence for your move effects

  • hannie


    The only solution i found to make a temp fader behave as you (and i) want, is a bit complicated.

    I have a plugin I wrote for it, but i will release it only in about a month or two.

    Its called True Temp Fader.

    In the meantime you can check my website for other plugins (currently just one).

    MA3 Pro Plugins
    Professional plugins for grandMA3 lighting console.

    Oh, BTW, the solution involves crossfading between 2 clones of the original sequence.

  • a Tempfader is a timeline-fader that will distribute the transition into next cue along the travel of the fader, just like the crossfader does,

    the difference is what happens when this transition-fader reaches 100%


    1. transition toward next cue with all cuetiming distributed along the fader-travel,

    2. when transition is completed, load next cue to prepare for a new transition toward another cue when fader is lowered again


    1. transition towards next cue with all cuetiming distributed along the fader-travel,

    2. when transition is completed, do nothing, just wait for the fader to be lowered, to reverse the transition.

    In both scenarios, jumping to other cues via Go, Goto etc will as expected cancel any ongoing transition, thereby resetting the fader representing the transition.

    That being said, i totally agree that there is a valid feature request to have a fader that can scale the overall impact a playback has on output.

    This is however something totally different than a timeline/cue-transition fader like the cross and temp fader

    From my point of view, such fader would need to be either a totally new fader type (scale/impact/weight/size) or a mode for the existing Masterfader, to optionally apply to all attributes. instead of dimmer attribute only, as currently implemented

  • I am very sad. Again, the Normal TEMP FADER was not implemented. Gentlemen, software creators! I ask you to! Direct your thoughts to the right path! After all, I'm not asking for much. Millions of users will thank you! Make sure that the CUE TEMP FADER remains in place when changing. Thank you.

  • racer76
    Sorry I didn't quite understand what you meant.
    Anyways, in case some is reading this thread, and is looking for a Size Fader behaviour (not the current CUE TEMP FADE), then I'm leaving here a link to the plugin.

    Sadly, MA3 did not implement a Size Fader in verison 2.0.x

    Size Fader | MA3 Pro Plugins
    Product page for the Sequence Widget plugin

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