Clone objects from one layout to another

  • Is there a way to clone objects from one layout to another? I also try to clone the appearance inside a layout from one fixture to another. Like multi instance fixtures for example, like I do in GM2 with ”clone appearance fixture x at y if layout z”.

    Perhaps I’m just not clever enough to find it how to do it.

  • Just in case you did not find how to do it, here is the process :
    Assign your source fixtures to a layout and arrange them the way you want, make sure theres none of the destination fixtures in that layout or you will create duplicates.

    Then the correct syntax is: Clone Fixture XXX at Fixture YYY If Layout ZZZ, you can then chose override in the popup and voila, you should see your fixtures YYY now in the layout with the same arrangement.


  • Cat West has a video about this, the syntax also works for MA3.

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