• Here is my current issue-

    I am currently running a show with a GrandMA1 lite. We run it through a network (which allows us to run MA on PC as a "backup" board) and everything networks into a 2 Port Node which then sends out signal over "traditional" DMX cables.
    We have recently upgraded the board to an MA3 compact XT which I am running in MA2 mode. I have tried setting the IP addresses to the same as the ones I have set up on the 1 lite, but the board does not seem to be finding the 2 Port Node. I had been told that the 2 Port Node we have is compatible with the MA2. Is the issue that I am actually using a 3 but running in 2 mode? Should the board still be able to find the 2 Port Node that I am currently using? Is there some other step I have missed? Or do I need to get an upgraded 2 Port Node?


  • Some updates on this work. I know the board is able to network since today I was able to put a PC into the system and get the onPC program to connect and sync up with the board. It was not an issue at all- the board found the PC when I plugged it in and downloaded all the information after I invited the onPC program to join the session.

    But I am still unable to find the 2 Port Node. I have the devices set up so they are close to each other in IP addresses ( for the board, for the node), but there is no discovery. I have tried adding a new node on the menu using the information from the node itself, but nothing turns green. And hitting the "Add Present" button gives me nothing. I feel like once the board discovers the node, then it's just a question of updating the node from the board so the firmware is updated (to 1.82, I believe?) and everything will be working together. It's just the issue of the board not "seeing" the node. Any suggestions?

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