onPC Windows 7 "Desk Locked" freezes overnight

  • Hi,

    We have a Windows 7 desktop onPC system with Command Wing and Fader wing acting as a backup console to a full size during programs and then remote server during the week. If we lock the desk overnight the next morning the computer still shows the Desk Locked screens, but is completely unresponsive. We basically have to reboot the machine. Desk Lock generally works fine during the day, but haven't really tested if the computer is idle for many hours.

    Most of the Windows power saving features have been turned off, but this seems likely conflict.

    We'd like to use the full size desk while programming and service time, but otherwise shut it off and leave the onPC computer running 24x7. The hope is we can use an iPad on stage connecting to the onPC computer during the week while making rigging changes or doing small things.

    What's the best practice? Can we leave onPC running 24x7? Should we use MA's Desk Lock or Windows Lock User? We have a full size console and command wing, but no NPUs.

  • Is it definitely a Windows 7 machine? If so, please note that Windows 7 is not supported by the grandMA3 onPC minimum required specs:


    Windows® 10 64bit version 1803 or later

    Windows® 11 64bit version 21H2 or later

    Apple® macOS® High Sierra 10.13 or later

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